A Quick Guide On How To Build Economical Housing

how to build a simple house

As we all know, money does not grow on trees. People need to work hard, night and day, in order to earn. That said, it is only understandable why some people or some families choose to be economical especially when it comes to building their homes. Affordable housing is a must for some people.

There is nothing wrong with expensive homes if you can afford it; however, if you do not have that much cash to splurge then practicability must come along with your housing decisions. Luckily, there are so many ways to build an economical housing that is just as beautiful as other homes.

Guide For The House

Here are some essential tips that might just guide you as you build your dream home in the middle of deflation; of course, in these tips, affordability, practicability, and beauty are still taken into consideration.

  • Keep the place small

You really do not need a big home when there is just three of you who will reside in the house. Needless to say, the size of the home must, in a way, be proportionate to the number of people who will live in that home. The bedroom areas should also be treated carefully and you may choose to limit the number of bathrooms in the house in order for you to avoid further costs.

  • Choose the materials wisely

It would be best if, as homeowners, you would also be hands on and keen about the materials being used in building your home. It would be best to avoid cheap materials as this might just mean that you will be needing handyman services after a month of living in your home.

It is important to invest in good materials that will ensure the durability of your home. Hence, the wall materials, the ceiling, doors, windows, as well as the flooring (check out  http://newfloorusa.com/laminate-flooring/ for affordable options) must be chosen carefully. Do not be afraid in investing for the foundation of your home.

simple house blueprint

  • Turn to simple designs

Avoid complex designs for the different parts of your home as that might just cost you more. Stick to simple and minimalist design as these are much more elegant and will spare you a couple thousands of dollars.

  • Be smart when you splurge

If you wish to splurge, you can. However, you should splurge wisely. Be strategic about the things you should spend freely or extravagantly on and know which things may have affordable dupes or alternatives in the market.

  • Be creative and innovative

This tip is of general application. You must be creative and innovative especially when it comes to playing with the spaces of the home. In order to save you some materials, you may turn to open floor plans which will give you more space to play with as you design your home.

The Bottom Line

Being economical is all about being making strategic choices. Know which parts of the home-building need good investments and know which parts are safe to find cheaper alternatives for.

U.S. Immigration Issues: How To Protect Yourself From Deportation

how to not be deported

In 2016, the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed around 200,000 aliens. Removal, which is the compulsory and confirmed movement of deportable aliens out of the United States based on an order, is one of the biggest problems other nationalities living in America face.

It is not easy to receive an order of deportation or removal especially if you have already settled down and spent several years of your life in the United States. That said, many people turn to whatever advice they may when it comes to immigration issues.

Discussions on how to protect yourself from removal and deportation becomes essential in the picture so as for you to ready yourself with the circumstances in the future and this is exactly what we will be talking about here in Michigan Fe.  Know that it’s very possible for foreigners to be deported from the United States even merely on grounds of violating state ordinances, committing a minor misconduct, or even for traffic violations.

Protection from Deportation

Those listed as ways of protection from deportation are not 100% guaranteed since this is a case to case basis.

  • Obtain citizenship.

One of the strongest protection against an order for removal or deportation is citizenship. The United States cannot compel a foreign national to return to his/her country if the said foreigner is a citizen of the United States.

Thus, if you were born in the United States or in another country but one or both of your parents holds an American citizenship, you shall be considered as a citizen of the United States.

  • Seek for asylum.

Another defense against deportation touches on asylum. This defense can be invoked or is present when someone has suffered fears or harm in his/her country because of nationality, religion, race, political opinion, etc. However, you must apply for asylum within one year from your arrival in the United States except in extraordinary circumstances such as having a serious illness.

law on immigration

  • Apply for cancellation.

You can actually apply for cancellation of removal; this is what allows people to lawfully remain in the United States even if they are not holders of green cards. However, certain requirements must be met for those of you who would bring this action. Some of the requirements may include U.S. residency of 10 years, having good moral character, or being extremely extraordinary.

  • Apply for refugee waiver.

You could also apply for a refugee waiver together with the application of adjustment of status. Here, you must also state in your declaration the reasons why you fled your own country and the consequences which the reasons brought about for you in your country.

The Bottom Line

Finding a deportation order against you or your family members could be very alarming and it is something you cannot fight alone. Thus, when matters need to be brought to the courts, you should definitely avail yourself of a competent and expert legal counsel. You can check out the law office of Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg who is a great immigration and deportation defense attorney.